Round-up: Diesel MPG discrepancy, Cap readies for WLTP, 70 Chargemaster points within M25

Beth Davies, product manager at Cap HPI

MPG discrepancy ‘costs diesel drivers £800 a year’

Diesel fill up image

Diesel cars achieved 75% higher consumption rates of fuel than advertised, data from an in-car telematics app has revealed.

According to Carly, which analysed data from 150,000 vehicles in the UK, an average motorist that covers 12,000 miles a year could be paying £815 more per year on fuel thanks to the discrepancy.

“Miles per gallon is one of the key concerns of UK drivers when buying a car as the on-going vehicle running costs can have huge impact on monthly budgets,” said Avid Avini, one of Carly’s founders. “While it can be difficult for manufacturers to predict consumption, as it is very much dependent on individual driving style, a discrepancy of this size is of concern to consumers relying on manufacturer figures.”

Cap HPI prepares for WLTP

Beth Davies, product manager at Cap HPI

Beth Davies, product manager at Cap HPI

Vehicle data giant Cap HPI has started to integrate data needed to handle the expected changes that will take place once the new WLTP emissions testing regime comes into place.

According to Cap HPI, the extra information will be available in the brand’s New Vehicle Data set in the coming months.

Beth Davies, product manager at Cap HPI, said: “We are planning for all scenarios and our solution includes all the data items that could be required from the OEMs and necessary for a customer who receives and use the data. We have listened to our customers and will be making changes to our NVD dictionary to show which values are NEDC and which are NEDC correlated.”

Chargemaster increases number of chargers near the M25

Chargemaster will add 2,000 points in 2018

Chargemaster has announced is public charging network, Polar, has more than 70 rapid electric charging points within the M25 motorway.

The firm added it has a further 18 rapid chargers within two miles of the M25, which covers half of all the motorway junctions, thanks to partnerships with hotel and car parking chains.

“The recent increase in provision within the M25 shows the speed of expansion that we will be maintaining to keep pace with the fast-growing electric car market,” said David Martell, chief executive of the company.