Meet the team

Dave Wallace, Publisher

Dave Wallace


Background: Having most recently spent 8 years publishing fleet titles, David’s experience extends to two decades driving products within the architectural, automotive, design, facilities, lighting, office and power sectors, working with national and global brands and media agencies to deliver multi-channel campaigns.

Spare time: With three young children, most of David’s spare time is spent with family and he can be found spending most weekends at their caravan (sorry, ‘Holiday Home’!) on the Norfolk coast.  A self-confessed MAMIL (Middle Aged Man In Lycra), David also tries to get out on his road bike when the opportunity presents, and is in training for a couple of events during 2017.

Favourite sport: Football (Liverpool fan) & Cycling – with equal passion

Four-car garage to meet every need: BMW 530d saloon, MK3 Ford Capri GT4, Ferrari 458 Italia, Ford Galaxy (as it’s pretty much the only thing big enough to get the kids, dog and mother-in-law in at the same time – without upgrading to a Light Commercial Vehicle!)

Paul Barker, Editor

Paul Barker


Background: Having worked as a motoring journalist since 2000, Paul has written for titles including MotorTrader, Autocar, BusinessCar and What Van, and has also written for titles including The Express and Auto Retail Bulletin.

Spare time: When not being terrorsised by his two small children, Paul has a season ticket at his beloved Brighton & Hove Albion, and is also a keen cyclist, currently in training for the 100-mile Ride London event. He also enjoys motorsport and spending time with the family. And chocolate. And beer. And pizza.

Favourite sport: Football (see wasted hours following Brighton around the country!)

Four-car garage to meet every need: BMW 335d Touring, Range Rover, Lotus Elise, Lamborghini Diablo, Tesla Model S P100D (I’m having five – the Lotus is only little)

Tristan Young, Contributor

Tristan Young

Contributing Editor

Background: More than 20 years’ as a business journalist covering the automotive sector, primarily writing about the way cars are bought, used and sold. The first 16 years of his career saw Tristan work as a staffer for titles such as Automotive Management, AutoCar, Fleet Week and BusinessCar. For the past six years he has been freelancing with outlets as varied as the Daily & Sunday Express, Auto Retail Network, Auto Express, and Good Motoring.

Spare Time: Not sure what spare time is, Tristan has two kids, three dogs, a cat and a wife. When not ferrying that lot around he can be found behind a camera and tripod or on a climbing wall. This makes him sound far more adventurous than he really is.

Favourite Sport: IFSC Bouldering (look it up on YouTube)

Four car garage to meet every need: Toyota 2000GT, Mazda RX-7 Bathurst, Audi RS6, Mazda MX-5

Tom Webster, Contributor

Tom Webster


Background: Tom has worked as an automotive journalist since 2008, and has written for a number of high-profile titles, including What Car?, Autocar, Auto Trader and more. His first job in journalism was covering the UK fleet industry.

Spare time: Tom is a keen sports fan, particularly cricket, and spends many a summer evening and weekend at The Oval watching Surrey. He also plays the lesser known sport of Rugby Fives, and is a keen skier and cyclist.

Favourite sport: Cricket

Four car garage to meet every need: BMW 5 Series Touring, Morgan Three Wheeler, Porsche 911 991, Land Rover Defender

Euan Doig, Contributor

Euan Doig


Background: Euan has been a motoring journalist for the past 17 years, and has undertaken writing and production duties both online and in print for a range of brands across the fleet, motoring, motorsport and PR sectors. Prior to that, Euan was a motorsport journalist, which he started after spending nine years learning his craft on his local newspaper.

Spare Time: At weekends, Euan likes getting out on two wheels (either pedal- or motor-powered), visiting racetracks or finding a mountain to climb. Oh, and cooking. And, therefore, eating.

Favourite Sport: Motorsport – huge fan of Australian V8 Supercars. Also a fan of Dundee FC

Four car garage to meet every need: Mk1 Mazda MX-5, Vauxhall VXR8, Land Rover Defender, Triumph Speed Triple

Alisdair Suttie, Contributor

Alisdair Suttie


Background: Al’s been driving ever since sneaking behind the wheel of his Dad’s Fiat 126 run-around at the age of nine. Learned his writing and road testing trade at What Car? and now contributes to a wide mix of motoring titles such as Autocar, PistonHeads, Daily Express and The Telegraph.

Spare Time: A rare commodity in the Suttie household with two young kids and an ancient house to keep going. When the planets align, Al enjoys hillclimbing in any car he can get his racing gloves on. He’s also keen on cycling and walking, which are necessary to offset his love of cooking and food.

Favourite Sport: Hillclimbing

Four car garage to meet every need: BMW 320i Touring, Mk1 Mazda MX-5, Sylva Leader, Lagonda 3-Litre

James Scoltock, Contributor

James Scoltock


Background: Starting his journalism career at the The Sunday Times, James moved to Automotive Engineer magazine looking deep into the mechanics of cars and the technologies that power them. He’s also written for a number of lifestyle and technology magazines including Eureka, Optima and Verve

Spare Time: Family life tends to swallow up most of James’ spare time with day trips to keep his seven-year-old son happy, but when not being harangued he spends a lot of time on the A11 travelling between home in the southeast of London and Norwich to watch football. An enthusiastic cyclist with all the gear and no idea, but is planning a few sportives and a mega ride across the Pyrenees

Favourite Sport: Football, (an exiled Norwich City season ticket holder), and cycling

Four car garage to meet every need: Mazda6 MPS, Lotus Elan M100, Land Rover Series II and Toyota Hilux, (I’m still a country boy at heart)