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The Association of Fleet Professionals has called for clarification from authorities over journeys to workplaces by employees that predominantly work from home, in terms of both expenses and risk management.

“If someone is working from home rather than the office, then it raises the question of which is actually their place of work,” said AFP chair Paul Hollick. “For example, if someone now drives their own car to the office once a week, are they allowed to reclaim their travel costs using AMAP rates, as they would for any other business journey that they undertake?”

Hollick called for clarity from HMRC, with fleets potentially suffering from local tax offices taking different positions and applying rules inconsistently, rather than there being a national ruling. The implications for commuting to a workplace at 45p per mile are something businesses will need to address.

“The other major issue is whether, if someone now uses their own car to travel from home to work, whether that is now seen as a business journey from a risk management point of view, rather a commute,” Hollick continued, stating that employees that work from home the majority of the time but sometimes use their own vehicles to visit an office have, strictly speaking, become grey fleet vehicles that a company has a responsibility to monitor.

we have yet to hear from any fleets who have been in touch with the Health and Safety Executive about this but it is an area that would benefit from future clarification.”

“’The New Commute’ is just one of a series of issues that we are working hard to resolve for members but sharing best practice ideas,” concluded Hollick. “It is at times such as now, when so much surrounding fleet management is fluid, that the AFP can really add value.”

The Association of Fleet Professionals was formed in March 2020 through the merging of the Association of Car Fleet Operators and the Institute of Car Fleet Management.


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