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Round-up: Fleet fine growth slows, Seat extends warranties, Mitie’s power pledge

Smaller rise in fleet fines in 2019

The number of vehicle fines incurred by fleets slowed in their growth in 2019, bucking the trend in rises since 2016, according to Lex Autolease.

There was a 3% year-on-year increase for 2019, compared with a cumulative 60% over the past three years, with bus lane camera fines dropping by 17%, and congestion charge and council parking fines down 6% and 4% respectively.  Toll fines for the Mersey Flow and Dartford Crossing also dropped by a combined 44%.

But some types of fine were heading in the opposite direction, with private car park fines up 6% and box junction or red route stopping fines up by 19%.

“Company car drivers are often more likely to incur fines and penalties on the roads when compared to ordinary motorists, as the pressure to hit deadlines and attend meetings on time can sometimes lead to poor driver behaviour,” said Kim Morris, Motor Operations Director at Lex Autolease. “Fleet managers have placed a great emphasis upon driver health and safety in recent years and it’s encouraging to see evidence that this is starting to pay off, with a considerable slowing in the rise of the number of fines incurred and a decrease in the number of fines for commonplace offences, including bus lane driving and congestion charges.

Seat pushes affected warranties out by three months

Spanish brand Seat has extended the warranties on three-year old vehicles that would have seen their cover end between 1 March and 31 May 2020 off the back of the COVID-19 lockdown that has seen dealerships close.

The firm is offering the extension on a voluntary free-of-charge basis, and it is not subject to any other obligations.

The company said the reopening of its dealer network will be subject to a further announcement in line with Government guidelines.

Mitie becomes first in sector to sign-up for climate initiatives

Facilities management company Mitie has become the eighth company worldwide and the first in its sector to agree to all three of The Climate Group’s initiatives, designed to push companies into committing to greener business practices.

The company has signed up to RE100, committing to using only renewable energy across all of its sites by 2050, although the firm claimed that goal has already been met as a part of Mitie’s Plan Zero commitment to reach net carbon zero operation by 2025.

Mitie has already signed up to The Climate Group’s EV100 pledge in 2019, committing to converting its entire fleet of vehicles to electric power, and the EP100 programme to double its energy productivity over the next 25 years.

Mitie also said it is developing new systems allowing it to pay directly for electricity employees use at home to charge their company vehicles.

“we’re proud to be leading by example as we act on our commitment to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2025,” said Simon King, Director of Sustainability and Social Value at Mitie. “Having already switched to 100% renewable energy across our business, we’re driving ahead with our fully electric fleet and well on our way to fulfilling our Plan Zero pledge to eliminate carbon emissions from both power and transport.”


Number of fines incurred by fleet drivers increases by 22% in 2018