Afternoon round-up: Google and Volvo partner, TfL and Highways England safety campaigns

Volvo to embed Google tools into media system

Volvo has announced it is to add Google services to the next-generation of its infotainment system, which is being developed Android, a subsidiary of the web giant.

As part of the announcement, Volvo said the Google Assistant and Google Maps would be embedded into the media system.

“Bringing Google services into Volvo cars will accelerate innovation in connectivity and boost our development in applications and connected services,” said Henrik Green, senior vice president of research and development at Volvo Cars. “Soon, Volvo drivers will have direct access to thousands of in-car apps that make daily life easier and the connected in-car experience more enjoyable.”

TfL launches speed awareness campaign


Transport for London has launched a new campaign designed to stop people from speeding on the streets of the capital.

Called ‘Risk Up’, it warns drivers that inappropriate speed and driving too fast for the condition of the road increases the risk of injury to themselves The campaign, which will be seen across the capital from today states: ‘Drivers. On built -up streets, when your foot goes down, the risks go up.’

“By clearly explaining the dangers, in the way that has been done for drink-driving, Risk Up aims to work towards a general acceptance and ownership of the problem of inappropriate speed. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it cannot be fatal,” said Christina Calderato, head of delivery planning at Transport for London.

Highways England launches bulky loads campaign


Highways England has launched a campaign to encourage drivers with bulky items to properly fasten them.

The plea comes after 40 beds and 163 mattresses were recovered by Highways England officers after falling off vehicles and onto motorways in the last year.

Highways England project manager Amelia Kirwan said:“We want all drivers and their items to get home in one piece. If you’re buying or moving furniture, use proper straps that are strong enough for the job. Don’t risk losing your stuff, and causing other drivers to become delayed, injured or worse.”