Leasing company Arval has launched a tool to help drivers understand which powertrain is most suitable for their operation.

The tool shows a percentage suitability for each powertrain option – diesel, petrol, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric – based on answers to eight questions.

The questions asked cover driving cycles, average daily distances, work and business journeys over 150 miles, driving style, towing, vehicle recharging availability and even driving holidays.

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Arval said it has launched the tool to help businesses to “meet the challenges of business transport in an era of increasingly environmentally-driven decisions” and added that it is based around a stepped process designed to help organisations implement new energy transition policies as environmental issues become more and more prominent in the corporate world.

“As we move towards a much wider choice of drivetrain options, we need to develop methods of matching fuel type to driver need. The tool allows us to build up a picture of the driving needs, habits and style of each person and deliver a considered outcome,” said Shaun Sadlier, head of consultancy at Arval. “We see this as a really important way of helping to enable EV and hybrid adoption on fleets. Just by spending a few moments answering questions, a fleet can understand what fuel types are potentially suitable for their drivers.

He added: “This will especially allow us to overcome some of the preconceptions surrounding the newer vehicle drivetrain technologies, such as that EVs are only ever for low mileage drivers, whereas we know they can also be used by higher mileage drivers with appropriate driving patterns.”