Leasing company Arval has set out what it called an “evolution of its business model”, taking the company from what it called a “full-service leasing company to a leader in all sustainable solutions including the car”.

The company has pledged to grow from 1.3 million cars leased at present to two million by 2025, at which point 500,000 will be electrified, while also stating that it will offer “sustainable mobility solutions” in all its markets.

“We want to be the leader in sustainable mobility and we strongly believe it is the right time to do so and customers are asking for it,” said Arval chief executive Alan Van Groenendael. “We were a little too car-centric as a company and we need to deliver the best solution to go from A to B at the lowest cost and lowest environmental impact.”

The new five year plan encompasses four pillars:

  • 360-degree Mobility, which provides corporate clients and their employees with mobility options including e-bike leasing, car-sharing and micro-mobility solutions and mobility-as-a-service applications.
  • Good for you, good for all is the pillar dedicated to energy transition and sustainability, helping ease the move to EVs by offering things like the possibility to switch to an internal combustion engine car for a few weeks of the year, as well as managing vehicle-to-grid charging moves.
  • Connected and Flexible is the strand that will manage technical developments such as automatic payment of on-street parking, remote booking of car washes and delivery of packages to vehicles. Arval said 8% of its vehicle parc will be connected by 2025, allowing a wider set of services to make a driver’s life easier.
  • Arval inside is designed to share the company’s expertise with selected partners, with the aim of building joint innovative mobility offers in collaboration.

“With this new plan, we are committed to delivering an integrated mobility experience for our customers, to providing them support during the energy transition, simplicity through connected and flexible products and services, and to co-building added value and innovative offers with new partners,” said Van Groenendael.


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