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Audi is about to open order books on model year 2021 A4 and A5 models, which on diesel vehicles will bring a company car boost by being RDE2 compliant, which brings a four-band drop in benefit-in-kind.

James Buxton, head of fleet, Audi UKThe company’s UK fleet boss James Buxton admitted the advantage of RDE2 has been a little lost among the “transition and noise” of electric and plug-in hybrid models, COVID-19 and the recent change to WLTP methodology of calculating a vehicle’s emissions figures, but it has been lost a little bit in COVID, and also the transition and the noise around BEV and PHEV, but “certainly for essential users, that will be a very attractive change,” he told Company Car Today.

Buxton said RDE2 is something that is “certainly on certain customers’ radars and not on others”, with some customers “very sensitive” to the issue.

“I think where it does get interesting is where employers are trying to advise their drivers about the differences between various different models, because the last thing they want is a driver returning to them in six months’ time saying, you didn’t tell me this was or wasn’t RDE2 compliant,” he said. “My benefit in kind bill is 4% greater than Bob, who took a vehicle three months later. It’s on the agenda, but I don’t feel it’s getting as much air time as the PHEV and BEV conversations at the moment.”

Audi’s PHEV explosion this year has seen A6 saloon, A7, A8 and Q7 PHEVs join the Q5 plug-in hybrid that was launched in 2019, with an A6 Avant and new A3 also due to join the range by the end of this year. The brand also has E-tron and E-tron Sportback full electric models, with further EVs joining the brand’s line-up over the next 18 months.


First pictures: Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron concept

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