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Birmingham City Council could introduce a Workplace Parking Levy within three or four years, according to a report published by the council looking at the merits of such a scheme.

If implemented, the council intends to charge businesses with more than 10 parking space £500 per space a year with the WPL sitting alongside a Clean Air Zone, however, the council intends to exclude educational facilities from the former charge, while spaces used for fleet delivery vehicles will not be charged.

The report said it expects there to be 14,587 chargeable parking spaces, while it added the cost of the levy would rise by 2% annually, with the council estimating it could bring in £79 million in the first 10 years of operation, however, it did note that discounts for low-emission vehicles may be possible.

Workplace Parking Levy

Revenue from a WPL must be ring-fenced for public transport improvements. Currently, only Nottingham has a WPL and money from the WPL scheme helped to fund an extension to its tram network.

Possible improvement schemes in Birmingham include

  • A metro expansion to East Birmingham;
  • Pedestrianisation of the city centre and Moor Street
  • Investment in public transport
  • Cycle routes and canal improvements
  • Travel demand management (behavioural change activities to enable sustainable travel)

The report said one major concern would be that a scheme would “act to constrain or dampen economic growth in the area” however it added there is “little evidence from Nottingham that such outcomes have occurred.”.