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BP is to install at least 400 ultra-fast 150Kw electric vehicle charging points by 2021.

The oil giant bought Chargemaster last year and Tufan Erginbilgic, chief executive of BP Downstream division, said installing the points – which can recharge EVs in as little as 10 minutes – “could play a powerful role in bringing EVs to more people and ensuring these vehicles can serve a wider audience” as fleets “who need to charge multiple vehicles and cannot afford to take them off the road for long periods of time.”

Speaking at a conference in London, Erginbilgic said BP would start installing the units at its forecourts from July – adding that he wants to make charging an electric vehicle as easy as refuelling a petrol or diesel car.

Public funding for 50 new EV chargepoints

“I believe the key for BP – and anyone else looking to expand EVs – is to build our EV offering around convenience. Remember that the consumers buying petrol or diesel vehicles today are the same people who might consider buying an EV in the future. The experience of owning and running an EV – and the way their cars slot into their daily lives – has to be as good as today, if not better, and more convenient,” he said.

He added that Cost, range, queues and access to reliable charging points on the move “still unsettle people” when they look at taking on an EV and said this perception needs to change: “We can’t just assume we can extrapolate the consumer behaviour from early adopters into the general public. That is why we see an especially important role for building a national network of high-power charging – one which would closely replicate the current fuelling experience. We think this will give people confidence about the ability to travel greater distances, without worrying about whether they will run out of power,” he concluded.