Britain’s road users require more real-time information on motorways and ‘A’ roads, particularly during disruption, according to the Transport Focus watchdog.

According to its new study, Road information: the user perspective, Transport Focus said road users “were generally satisfied with information provided across Highways England’s network, but were less happy with that provided on major ‘A’ roads than with that provided on motorways”, adding that users also felt that the information provided at times of unexpected disruption was not always timely, accurate or useful enough.


Its study is the first to focus specifically on road user information requirements and its finding suggests that Highways England should improve information on major ‘A’ road – which users felt was not as good as on motorways.

Transport Focus said Highways England “should also look to increase road users’ awareness of when they are using a road that is managed by Highways England in a safe, cost-effective way.”

“This research confirms that people using motorways and major ‘A’ roads want better information – especially during unexpected delays – so they can make informed choices that put them more in control of their journeys,” said Anthony Smith, Transport Focus’ chief executive. “This study also underscores what we know from the Strategic Roads User Survey: that on the routes it manages Highways England needs to give road users more advanced warning about problems, whether caused by planned roadworks or unexpected delays and diversions.”