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Companies including Tesco, Ocado, Uber and Deliveroo are helping to identify pothole hotspots in need of repair under a new Government audit into the mapping of potholes.

Described as “first-of-its-kind”, the programme will also work with local highway authorities and highway data and mapping company Gaist, the audit is set to “paint the most comprehensive picture ever of where funding is most needed to make sure roads are not plagued by potholes”, according to the Government announcement.

The scheme follows on from a pledged £2.5bn fund of pothole repair described by the Government as the “biggest nationwide programme ever announced”.

I want our roads to be as safe as possible, so during the lockdown we’ve resurfaced hundreds of miles of road,” said transport secretary Grant Shapps. “But now I want to go further by identifying critical potholes and ensuring these are fixed as quickly as possible.”

“We’re teaming up with delivery companies, who know the roads well, in order to map out where remaining potholes exist and then relentlessly target them with our record £2.5 billion to pothole repair fund,” he continued.

“Deliveroo riders go above and beyond to bring people the food they love and this is a great way to make sure they and other road users are safe on the road,” said Deliveroo director of operations Charlie Wren.

The Department for Transport claimed that quieter roads during lockdown have allowed it to resurface 319 miles of roads, including pot hole repairs, and this new move comes ahead of the school holidays ending next week and Government moves to encourage more home workers to return to their place of employment.

A survey by road repairer Roadmender Asphalt last month found that 69% of people would prefer to cycle or driver to work rather than take public transport as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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