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The Government has announced that it will mandate the percentage of zero emission cars and vans that manufacturers have to sell from 2024 as part of a new Net Zero Strategy document.

A consultation due in early 2022 will establish the boundaries and trajectory of the mandate, along with CO2 emissions regulations to ensure non-EVs continue to improve and details of how and when targets will be set and enforced.

Also included in the document is the pledge that the Government’s own car fleet will be 25% ultra low emission by the end of 2022, and that its entire car and van fleet will be zero emission by 2027.

In addition, a consultation this year will look at a phase-out date of 2035, or earlier if feasible, for the sale on non-EV two- and three-wheel vehicles.

The rental and leasing trade body BVRLA gave a cautious welcome to the announcement of a mandate, as long as it contains “review mechanisms to assess potential market failures”, and takes into account the differeing uptake rates between cars and vans.

“The empty supermarket shelves and stacked container ports we are currently seeing across the country demonstrate just how fragile global supply chains can be,” said BVRLA chief executive Gerry Keaney. “This announcement is all about maintaining electric vehicle supply, and it needs to be backed up by some equally ambitious policy measures aimed at delivering electric vehicle demand. We hope that next week’s Budget will see the Government commit to providing long-term financial support and tax incentives that will accelerate the roll-out of public and private charging infrastructure and absorb the price premium that many prospective electric vehicle users are still faced with.”

Vauxhall also cautiously greeted the document.  “Vauxhall welcomes the UK government’s announcement to implement a zero emission vehicle mandate which will provide clarity to the UK motor industry and the rest of the electric vehicle ecosystem, on the basis of a 360-degree approach,” said managing director Paul Willcox. “Vauxhall believes a ZEV mandate can work in the UK provided there are complimentary targets on the other key parts of the electric vehicle ecosystem which are key to driving Britain to a more sustainable transport infrastructure.”

Other areas the Net Zero Strategy addressed included kick-starting the commercialisation of sustainable aviation fuel, examining how to accelerate industrial use of hydrogen, strategies to decarbonise heat and buildings including a boiler upgrade scheme and efforts to restore peat and woodland areas.


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