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Green Company Car is a dedicated monthly section within Company Car Today designed to provide fleet decision makers and company car drivers with information including special reports, manufacturer profiles, technology overviews and guest opinion which is focussed on all things green in the company car and fleet sector.

Green focus: Lexus - July 2021 - Main image

Green Focus On: Lexus

FOCUS ON: Lexus Hybrid brand Lexus is now moving towards full electrification   Lexus has been the premium brand most renowned for so-called ‘self-charging’ hybrids, as has also been the cas...
Non-exhaust emissions- -June 2021 - Main image


In an all-electric automotive world you’d think the company car manager’s job of keeping the fleet green would be done. Not using fossil fuels to run cars may be a huge step toward an eco-friendly fle...
Green Focus - Jeep - June 2021 - main image

Green Focus On: Jeep

FOCUS ON: Jeep US off-roading brand is moving towards a more eco-led future   The American Jeep brand is one known for off-roading prowess rather than environmental credentials, but the curr...
Solar Powered cars? - May 2021


It’s the biggest energy source we have, and the stuff it produces is free, so could there be a way of deploying it?   It sounds like something from a sci-fi novel, but could future company ca...
EV diversity - May 2021

EV Diversity: Every EV on sale

The number of electric vehicles available in the UK is rapidly growing, with almost all major brands now offering an alternative. We take a look at the breadth of offering, and how the various vital d...