Fleets of Fancy

A tongue-in-cheek look at how to reach the unreachable in company car terms – the more glamorous and less ‘fleety’ models, and how to persuade the boss that they make sense as your next company car

Fleet of Fancy - May 2021 - Toyota Supra - Image 3
Fleet Of Fancy - April 2021 - Porsche Panamera - Image 6
Fleet of Fancy - April 2021 - Audi S3 Saloon - Image 2
Fleet of Fancy- March 2021- Porsche Taycan Turbo- Image 4
Fleet of Fancy- February 2021- BMW M5 Competition- Image 1
Fleets of Fancy- January 2021- Audi RS6- Image 1
Fleets of Fancy- December 2020- BMW M8 Gran Coupe Competition- Image 9
Fleet of Fancy- October 2020-Volkswagen Transporter California- Image 2
Fleets of Fancy- September 2020- Volkswagen T-Roc Cabriolet- Image 5
Fleets of Fancy- May 2020- Honda NSX- Image 4