Fleets of Fancy

A tongue-in-cheek look at how to reach the unreachable in company car terms – the more glamorous and less ‘fleety’ models, and how to persuade the boss that they make sense as your next company car

Fleet of Fancy-Lexus RC F-November 2019- image 7
Fleet of Fancy-9th October 2019- BMW 850i Cabrio- Image 4
Fleet of Fancy-18th September 2019-Jaguar F-Pace SVR-Image 8
Fleet Of Fancy-September 2019-Cupra Ateca-Image 5
Fleet of Fancy-August 2019-Mercedes-AMG A35-Image 3
Fleet of Fancy-August 2019-Maserati Levante S Granlusso-Image 1
Fleets of Fancy-July 2019-Porsche Macan S-Image 7
Fleets of Fancy-July 2019-BMW M2 Competition-Image 8
Fleets of Fancy-July 2019-Maserati Granturismo MC-Image 6
Fleet of Fancy-June 2019-Abarth 124-Image 1