Long-term Reviews

Living with a car for a period of months reveals much about its strengths and weaknesses, providing invaluable insight as to it’s viability as both a business tool and as everyday transport.

Company Car Today operates a long-term fleet comprising some of the very latest company cars available, allowing our team of experienced writers to share with you their day-to-day experiences of these vehicles, helping to inform your next company car choice.

Alfa Romeo Giulia - Long Term Test - First Report - Main Image
Renault Koleos - Long Term Test - First Report - 7th February 2018 - Main Image
Long Term Test - Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer - First Look - Main Pic
2017 LTT Hyundai 30 main image
Honda Civic - LTT - First Report 31st May 2017 - Main Image
Ford Kuga - LTT - First Report - Front Image
Toyota Hilux long term test 1