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CCT Innovation Awards 2021: Winner’s Profile – Fleetondemand

Rental Award and Best App – Fleetondemand

Of the 10 categories in the inaugural Company Car Today Innovation Awards, there were nine different winners, with only one company managing to scoop awards in more than one category.

Fleetondemand was the exception, collecting Innovation Awards in both the Rental and Best App categories for various elements of its work around being a rental intermediary and in the way its Mobilleo app provokes usage of the company’s Mobility as a Service platform.


Fleetondemand began developing its platform in 2015 when the company “saw the need for an integrated suite of mobility solutions that looked beyond the provision of the company car and hire cars”.

Justin Whitson- November 2020“Mobility as a Service is still relatively new, but our platforms are mature and ahead of the market,” says chief executive Justin Whitston. “Our suite of solutions can cater for a variety of target MaaS models depending on the mobility objectives of the fleet or white label partner.”

The company claims to have access to “more vehicles, more locations and more choice than any other vehicle-rental provider” thanks to it using the combined fleets and networks of large rental firms. It says it has the ability to offer 1.6m vehicles from 26,800 locations in 170 countries, with the UK numbers reading over 600,000 vehicles from 2200 branches.

The clever bit, and the bit that helped it to the rental award, is the ability to integrate car hire into a variety of ground transport services, including car clubs, car sharing, taxis, chauffeur services, trains and other public transport providers.

“Mobilleo is the first MaaS platform that can help organisations develop a clear path towards a greener mobility landscape,” continues Whitston. “Mobilleo instantly brings to life the transition from company cars to a complimentary mobility budget and reduces grey fleet risks by providing a multi-modal travel solution as an alternative to using private vehicles.”

Services including split-second booking capability, billing validation and tailored management reporting capabilities are designed to help customers monitor and control their rental costs, while bookings are possible 24/7.

But Fleetondemand also offers bolt-on additions including De-Risk Light Damage Cover, which the company claims has saved customer Orchid Field Marketing over £10,000 per year on damage claims.


The Mobilleo app is offered as part of Fleetondemand’s Mobility as a Service of the same name, operating on the app or desktop to integrate vehicle rental and other forms of mobility into one operation.

The thing that most appeals to fleets is the app’s ability to book and pay for an entire journey across multiple methods of travel in a single transaction.

The company says the full list includes car hire, car clubs, flights, trains, buses, taxis, cycle hire, ferries and hotels, with the system able to be configured to the policies and mobility needs of an organisation.

“Our corporate customers are using Mobilleo to achieve their wider mobility objectives, including saving costs by consolidating travel booking and expenses, alternatives to company cars, cash allowance and grey fleet usage, enhancing employee benefit programmes, improving their CSR policies and driving total cost of mobility intelligence across their business,” says Whitston. Many organisations are currently using separate travel booking systems for all of this. This disjointed approach to travel management requires time and resources in order to book and pay for journeys and pull together separate expenditure and management reporting from the different websites and systems on a regular basis.”

Fleetondemand was heavily involved in the development of the Go-HI app this summer, a Mobility as a Service app launched by The Highlands and Islands Transport Partnership designed to increase accessibility to integrated travel for residents and visitors in rural Scotland.

“The Go-Hi app seamlessly integrates various transport services in and around the area, allowing easier access to travel information, more reliable journey planning, in-app ticketing and a hassle-free payment system,” said Mobilleo strategic account director Ross Basnett.


Fleetondemand says it is continuing to invest in development, with initiatives potentially coming to market including global multi-modal and door-to-door booking capability, in-app incentivisation to drive behavioural change, multi-currency and the development of a new contactless Mobilleo payment card using the Visa/Mastercard platform, that would capture all ancillary expenditure not covered on the company’s own platform and deduct it from the mobility budget.


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