CCT100 Electric Car of the Year BannerCCT100 Awards Focus Logo Company Car Today’s CCT100 Electric Vehicle of the Year is, it’s safe to say, at the forefront of the sector.

The addition last year of a new Z.E.40 model with an official range of up to 250 miles, joining the 22kWh version with its 149-mile range, means electric vehicle operation is now open to a whole new raft of companies and organisations.

For the Z.E.40, which comes in the higher two of the three trim levels, Renault quotes real-world estimates of 186 miles in summer and 124 in winter, obviously affected by a whole range of individual factors including temperature, driving style and speed and use of kit such as climate control and lights.

CCT100 Awards Focus - Renault Zoe - Main Pic and winners logoThe Zoe was awarded the trophy during a plush lunch at London’s Café de Paris in London late last month, sponsored by dash cam market leader Nextbase. It is a good-looking car that doesn’t have the divisive styling of some plug-in vehicles, and the compact dimensions, good visibility, manoeuvrability and punchy electric motor acceleration, combined with the zero tailpipe emissions, make for the perfect urban companion. And that’s before mentioning the massive savings on driver’s benefit-in-kind payments and the company National Insurance bills that come with a zero-CO2-rated vehicle.

CCT100 Awards Focus - Renault Zoe Specs PanelThe Renault supermini is the cheapest way into a modern mainstream electric car, with the smaller-battery model costing less than £20,000 once the Government’s £4,500 plug-in car grant is factored in, if you buy the battery outright. Lease it for £49-£110 per month depending on mileage, and the up-front cost drops to just over £14,000, with even the most expensive Zoe then costing only a touch over £21,000. That’s a £5,600 price drop versus buying the battery outright.  Renault also sells a rapid-charge version of the Zoe that cuts charging time to 65 minutes for an additional £750.

Registrations of electric vehicles have been growing from an admittedly low base as more businesses work out how to deploy them. Over the past five years, getting on for one-in-five Zoes has been put into the fleet sector, making it one of the most popular pure electric vehicles.

This combination of reasons were behind the Zoe’s success as Company Car Today’s CCT100 Electric Car of the Year, and it’s a sensible and cost-effective way to lower emissions and cut overall fleet costs, while the increased range means EVs can now be put to work in more and more ways across a business fleet.CCT100 Awards - Mark Dickens (Renault UK) - Electric Car of the Year 2018 - Reanult ZoeSponsored by Nextbase Logo - 2018 CCT100 Awards