CCT100 Awards

The Company Car Today CCT100 Awards run down the 100 cars able to serve any fleet requirement, picking out the class best in the 20 main car categories, and of course, anointing our overall Car of the Year.

Company Car Today's expert editorial team and contributors have trawled the UK car market, assessing the merits of every car on sale to draw up shortlists of the top five cars in every segment.

The shortlist for each segment includes our incumbent champion,  alongside the fleet best-seller in each sector according to the SMMT fleet sales classification, and the conventionally-powered car with the lowest emissions in each segment. Then we’ve added two picks of our own, voted for by Company Car Today’s editorial team, taking into account everything that makes for an appealing company car.

With those five-car shortlists created, we’ve taken an in-depth look at the 13 separate qualities we believe make for a good company car – everything from running costs using industry expert Kee Resources’ whole life cost data, to price, emissions, BIK payments and residual value, along with insurance cost, boot space, performance and three categories based on our own experience of how the cars look, drive and perform as an overall company car proposition.

With each car given a score, that is then transformed into a chart which unfolds to deliver our top 100 cars to cover every fleet purpose, keeping drivers, fleet managers and accountants happy.

We hope you enjoy reading through our list of winners and as always, feel free to let us know your thoughts.

So, without further ado, click on the links below to see our CCT100 Awards Winners:


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>>>2019 CCT100 Awards Winners<<<

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If you'd like to see the full run-down from 100 to one of the top cars to serve any fleet requirement, take a look at our latest awards issue by clicking on the magazine cover image below: 

Company Car Today - Issue 66 - 22nd January 2020