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Electric vehicle drivers in Milton Keynes have been invited to get involved in new domestic smart charging, vehicle-to-grid and home battery storage trials in a scheme being run by CrowdCharge on behalf of Milton Keynes City Council.

The Domestic Energy Balancing EV Charging project aims to explore the various technologies with the overall goal of reducing demand on the electricity grid as more drivers eventually move over to electric vehicles. Participants will be paid £10 per month provided trial parameters are met, such as 10 full charge cycles per month over the year-long trial, and there will also be the option to keep the equipment at the end of that period, for a cost of £100 for a smart charger, £250 for a vehicle-to-grid charger or stationary battery storage device.

“The Domestic Energy Balancing EV Charging project is one of four pioneering trials which will place Milton Keynes at the forefront of developments in electric vehicle charging technology,” said councillor Martin Gowans, Milton Keynes Council cabinet member for planning and transport. “The trials, which are part of the city’s Go Ultra Low programme, will focus on advancing and testing new technologies.”

The Milton Keynes trial programme run in the city until February 2022, with the results due to be published in early 2022, with the council aiming to provide “practical and reliable energy balancing services that help minimise energy bills whilst assisting the stability of the local electricity system”, and “opportunities for domestic householders to access value beyond their home by participating with other homes to aggregate energy services if viable”.

Applications are now open, although the timetable for home visits and installations will only be set once Government COVID-19 advice permits.

The project is being funded by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles through Go Ultra Low Milton Keynes.


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