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The Mercedes-Benz A-Class has picked up the big prize in the 2019 Company Car Today CCT100 Awards, with the premium hatchback winning the overall CCT100 Car of the Year title just weeks before it becomes the first car to beat the Government’s punitive company car tax penalty for diesel models.

Paul Barker, editor, Company Car Today - CCT100 Pic“The A-Class is the first car to meet the stringent RDE2 regulations, which gives it a significant tax advantage worth hundreds of pounds to company car drivers,” said Company Car Today Editor Paul Barker (pictured). “The fact that it comes in a car that was already offered a stylish design, high-quality interior, low emissions, excellent levels of cutting-edge technology and top-level residual values mean it’s a great company car, for both businesses and their drivers.”

The A-Class also picked up the Premium Lower Medium Car of the Year prize among the 21 trophies awarded to awards handed out to 15 different manufacturers, representing the diversity and qualities of the modern fleet market.

The Company Car Today CCT100 Awards pick out the best models across the 20 key sectors of the car industry, highlighting the best options for business car operation, taking into account elements including running costs, efficiency, practicality and all-round appeal.

“It’s great to be able to reward those cars and manufacturers doing the best job to offer high-quality and cost-effective cars for UK businesses and their drivers,” said Company Car Today Publisher Dave Wallace. “These winners should be on the choice list for any company looking to make the best choices for their operation.”

The awards form part of the CCT100 countdown of the 100 cars that car meet any fleet requirement, which appears in the new issue of Company Car Today, published on 22 January and also available online at

The list of 2019 CCT100 Awards Winners can be found HERE