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Cardiff Council could introduce a £2 congestion charge by 2024 as part of wider plans to reduce congestion and improve air quality.

The congestion charge would help fund various improvements to public transport, outlined in a new £2bn transport whitepaper.

If implemented, the £2 a day charge would apply to non-Cardiff residents that want to drive into the heart of the Welsh capital.

“We need to get people out of cars and on to public transport. To do that we need to give them the best public transport options. And to do that we need to raise money to pay for them,” said councillor Caro Wild, cabinet member for strategic planning and transport.  As part of a robust decision making process we will consider a number of options. Our preferred option would include an exemption for Cardiff residents from any charge.”

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Road user charging isn’t the only option available to raise money and the council said it will be looking at other options in a business case it plans to undertake over the next year and alternatives include possible workplace parking levies and congestion charging zones.

The council added it will “significantly” increase the number of electric charging points across Cardiff by 2025 to encourage the take up of electric vehicles, while it also said its fleet of vehicles will be fully electric or ‘zero emission capable’ for 2025.

“Anyone who has been stuck in traffic in the city knows that something has to be done. Inaction will only lead to more gridlock, more pollution and more damage to our health and the environment. Our White Paper poses some difficult questions and makes clear the challenges we face as a city, but crucially it points towards solutions which can revitalise our transport network. None of us are happy with the way things are now and none of us want it to get any worse which is why we are looking at radical steps to transform the way the city works,” Wild concluded.