Fleet software company Fleet Check has suggested that cost savings are likely to dominate the fleet agenda this year as organisations attempt to contain spending as much as possible thanks to ongoing  uncertainty surrounding the economy and Brexit.

“We are entering a very unusual time where politicians’ inability to satisfactorily resolve the Brexit situation is leading us into a largely self-generated economic slowdown,” said Peter Golding, the firm’s MD. “In this situation, all kinds of organisations are starting to batten down the hatches and put the brakes on spending in many different areas – and this will undoubtedly affect fleets.”

However, Golding said many fleet policies relating to spending had been formulated during the last recession, meaning there may be few areas to save money.

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“A lot of obvious cost savings were made at that time, ranging from cutting the numbers of staff working on the fleet through to vehicle downsizing, and those measures are generally still in place. If organisations want to make savings, they need to think creatively,” he added.

But Golding suggested that new technologies, such as electric vehicles, telematics and greater scrutiny of data could have save organisations money.

“Certainly, as a fleet software company, we are having conversations with fleets about ideas such as these and ways in which they can be applied to contain and reduce fleet costs. Our view is that it is often impossible to put these measures in place without the kind of technology that we provide and, even where it can be done, products of the type we provide are needed to see whether savings and other improvements are being made,” he said, concluding:  “Without the right tools, you cannot properly track whether sophisticated ideas such as these are having the desired results or see what changes are needed to make them work.