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Electric vehicle owners could get 1,000 miles of free driving a year, following the roll-out of Volkswagen-sponsored Pod Point charging points at Tesco stores.

So far, 100 supermarkets have had the points installed with drivers able to charge for free, but the German car manufacturer said 2,400 charging points will be rolled out across the country in total.

Research by conducted by Volkswagen found the average Brit spends 50 minutes per week in a supermarket buying food and drink, adding that electric car owners who plug in their vehicles could get around 22.5 miles of free charging from the 7kW points during that 50-minute period – enough time to do the weekly shop.

Over a whole year this works out at 1,170 miles – the equivalent of driving from London to Rome for free.

Tesco pod point“This partnership with Tesco and Pod Point makes choosing an electric car even more attractive, allowing people to charge for free, all while going about their daily business,” said Geraldine Ingham, head of marketing at Volkswagen UK.“And the best bit is that this is not just for Volkswagens – the chargers are designed for any electric car owner to take advantage of. We are really pleased to help break down any remaining barriers to opting for an electric car.”

Jason Tarry, UK and ROI Tesco CEO, added: “We’re now well on our way to achieving our ambition of installing more than 2,400 EV charging bays across 600 Tesco stores. Providing customers with charging points offers them a sustainable choice and giving them the opportunity to charge their car for free while they shop is another little help to make their lives easier.”