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First Drive: Audi E-Tron GT

The story: Audi has added a new top-end to its electric offering with the arrival of the e-tron GT grand tourer, and its more powerful RS sibling
Key rival:Porsche Taycan
Efficiency:280-mile range
On sale:Now

Audi’s electric line-up is growing fast, with the Q4 e-tron becoming a more affordable entry point just as some glamour is added at the top end with this e-tron GT.

The GT is a high-performance grand tourer that is offered in either regular GT (from just under £80,000, 476hp, 280-mile range) or RS e-tron GT form (from just over £105,000, 598hp, 295-mile range).

It’s a stunning car, and one that achieved a rare feat of universal approval during our time in its company. It’s not often a car escapes criticism from any quarter visually, but the low-slung sleek style is a hit, and is helped by the visual appeal created by the bulging wheel arches that stick out from the bodywork.

That sleek body does mean rear headroom is slightly limited, and the boot opening is narrow, while there’s only 405 litres of space in there.

First Drive - July 2021 - Audi E-Tron GT - Image 1The e-tron GT is certainly rapid and responsive, although not the most engaging machine from a steering and braking point of view. But the off-the-line performance is impressive, and it’s a car that the driver won’t get near the limits of on a public road.

The interior is regular Audi, which means high-quality materials and intelligent functionality, although it doesn’t feel that different from Audi models costing half the price. Which is more of a compliment to those lower down the price list.

The only complaint on the road is that there is a surprising amount of road noise, possibly not helped by the wide 19-inch alloys and low-profile rubber.

The only real pure EV rivals to the GT are Tesla’s long-established Model S, which is more of a regular saloon than grand tourer, and the Taycan from fellow VW-owned brand Porsche.

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The verdict

Stunning looks and rapid performance, although practicality suffers slightly. Sub-300-mile range won’t be enough for all grand tourer drivers.