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First Drive: Peugeot e-2008

The story:
Peugeot’s new 2008 crossover comes in petrol, diesel or for the first time, an electric version as the brand moves to a system of electrification alongside internal combustion engines in the same model.
Category:Small crossover
Key rival:Kia e-Niro
MPG:Range 191 miles
On sale:Now


Peugeot’s electric vehicle push is well under way with the brand launching two electric cars in 2020. This new e-2008 is the second, with the small crossover following close behind the electric 208.

The e-2008 joins petrol and diesel versions of the striking new model, with an official range of 191 miles from a 50kWh battery that powers a 100kW motor, equating to 136hp.

First Drive- Peugeot e2008- Image 4Unsurprisingly it’s exactly the same system as deployed successfully in the e-208. It doesn’t offer quite the instant surge of acceleration that more powerful electric vehicles do, but is still rewarding enough when the accelerator pedal is stabbed.

Only the ‘e’ badging on the front wing and tailgate, a body-coloured chequered front grille and a sparkling dichromatic emblem in the grille that changes colour depending on viewing angle mark out the electric version from the other 2008s, as well as a dashboard that gives battery information rather than fuel level.

Unusually for an electric vehicle, there’s no packaging compromise over the petrol or diesel models, with the same 434-litre boot space, although the under-floor storage is taken up by the charging cables if they need to be stashed away. But at least it’s a useful space that keeps wet cables away from luggage, and there are neat catches so the driver doesn’t have to prop the boot floor up with one hand when putting stuff in below it. Rear space is also perfectly good for grown-ups.

First Drive- Peugeot e2008- Image 3The cabin enjoys a real step up in quality from the last 2008, although the small flat-topped and bottomed steering wheel is still a bit of an oddity. Peugeot’s 3D i-Cockpit looks great, but it’s a shame it’s not easier to have the trip info permanently showing, rather than pressing a button to make it briefly pop up.

Still, the driving experience is a pleasant one, with the e-2008 riding well and enjoying good refinement at higher speeds. There are two levels of regeneration, giving the driver the option to pull the lever back to ‘B’ setting to increase the braking level and top up the battery faster.

The looks could be divisive, with the sharp-edged 2008 not being a car to shrink into the background of the sector. It’s certainly noticeable and generally works, although from some angles there’s a bit too much going on.

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The verdict

Tax breaks make EVs a no-brainer and the e-2008 is a good one, offering a usable range, striking design, great quality and excellent running costs.