First pictures: 2021 BMW iX

BMW has revealed its first vehicle developed solely as an electric vehicle, with the iX due on sale late next year.

Described by the brand as its “new technology flagship”, the iX will offer a range of over 300 miles, according to the provisional figures of a car that BMW said is still in development. It will also offer the capability of 75 miles of additional range in just 10 minutes via charging capability of up to 200kW, although public charging won’t yet facilitate that.

The iX is also a “platform for significant progress in the areas of automated driving and digital services”, according to the manufacturer, with BMW saying it is able to process data at 20 times the rate of previous models.

“We are setting new industry standards with the technology in the BMW iX. The iX has more computing power for data processing and more powerful sensor technology than the newest vehicles in our current line-up, is 5G-capable, will be given new and improved automated driving and parking functions and uses the high-performing fifth generation of our electric drive system,” says Frank Weber, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Development.

The car is comparable with the X5 in terms of length and width, and almost the same height as the coupe-SUV X6. The prominent kidney grille is partially a styling feature, and is blanked off as EVs require such a small amount of cooling, but the camera technology, radar functions and other sensors are integrated behind a transparent surface.

BMW said its new model will “redefine the successful sports activity vehicle concept”, and “is the first representative of a trailblazing generation of cars poised to redefine the driving experience, the feeling of interior space and the relationship between a vehicle and those on board”.

Though BMW has other electric models, this will be the first of a new breed on a pure EV platform not shared with PHEVs ro internal combustion engined vehicles.

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