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First pictures: Jaguar I-Pace electric vehicle

The EV offers a 298-mile range, according to the new and more real-world WLTP test cycle. It has twin motors that develop a combined 400hp, and it will accelerate from 0-62mph in just 4.5 seconds.

At 4682mm, the I-Pace is less than 50mm shy of the F-Pace SUV, and sits 271mm longer than the new E-Pace crossover model, while the 656-litre luggage space is a touch more than the F-Pace can offer.

The entry-level S edition is priced from £63,495 before the Government’s £4,500 electric vehicle grant, and the range tops out with the £81,495 First Edition, again before the Government grant is applied.  Between those two are the £69,495 SE ad the £74,445 HSE trim levels, with both prices again being before the Government grant that Jaguar is expecting approval for imminently.


Jaguar i-Pace - Image 1Inside, there’s a new Touch Pro Duo infotainment system that includes EV navigation to factor in topography, driving style and other factors to maximise range. Touch Pro Duo uses a pair of touchscreens, combined with tactile controls and sensors.

Integral smart technology recognises the key fob and Bluetooth phone connection of users to learn and pre-empt climate control, infotainment and seat settings. over time it will learn driver choices based on time, location and weather criteria. The car will also be the first Jaguar to receive over-the-air software updates.

Jaguar is quoting charging times of 80% charge in 10 hours from a 7kW wallbox for home charging, or 85 minutes to achieve the same charge from a rapid-charge point.
A 30-minute rapid charge will add around 80 miles of range.

A smartphone app will also allow users to pre-condition the cabin temperature, and set the charging time to maximise cheaper electricity.Jaguar i-Pace - Image 9