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First pictures: Mercedes-Benz EQS luxury EV

Mercedes-Benz has revealed its electric sister car to its S-Class luxury saloon – the EQS.

The company said its new electric flagship will offer a range of up to 478 miles, and it is due to arrive in the UK by the end of this year, with prices revealed this summer when the order book opens.

Mercedes-Benz EQS 2021There are two EQS models, although the four-wheel drive higher-power model isn’t planned to come to the UK. That leaves the EQS 450+, which gets a 245kW (328hp) electric motor powered by a 107.8kWh battery, enough to give the EQS a 6.2-second 0-62mph acceleration time. It can take charge at a rate of 200kW, which is more than most UK chargers currently offer, with the maximum readily available doing no more than 150kW. But if higher-rate chargers become more available, then it will add more than 180 miles of range in 15 minutes.

Mercedes claimed that the EQS is the most aerodynamic production car in the world, helping to both increase efficiency and cut wind noise, and it features three levels of regenerative braking, with the most severe bringing the car to a standstill. It also has intelligent energy recover, taking into account topography and traffic conditions.

Mercedes-Benz EQS 2021The navigation system will default to charging stations that have been added manually, as well as allowing the driver to exclude selected charge points, and it will display the predicted charge cost, as well as displaying whether battery capacity is sufficient to return to the car’s starting point without charge. The standard rear-axle steering of up to 4.5 degrees can be extended to 10 degrees as an option, either when ordering or as an over-the-air purchase.

Over-the-air updates, subscriptions, temporary activations and free test phases will all be available, and other new tech includes doors that open automatically as the driver approaches, and the ability to open the rear doors from inside the car.





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