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First pictures: New Vauxhall Astra

Vauxhall’s all-new Astra will offer a choice of two plug-in hybrid variants when it arrives in the UK at the beginning of next year.

The Astra gets the new Vauxhall Vizor nose, as first seen on the new Mokka, and Vauxhall is offering optional two-tone paint finishes to enhance the new styling.

Although the powertrains haven’t been specified, fellow Stellantis brand Peugeot confirmed earlier this year that its new 308 will come with 180hp or 225hp plug-in hybrid powertrains with electric-only ranges of 37 and 36 miles respectively. The Astra will also get the latest generation of internal-combustion engines, offered with either six-speed manual or eight-speed auto transmissions. 

The interior is fitted with a pair of display screens the brand calls its Pure Panel, as also seen on the new Mokka.

According to the company, the “high quality of the interior experience is further emphasised by the shape, textures and materials used in the steering wheel and seats”. Vauxhall has said that the AGR-certified (Campaign for Healthier Backs) comfort seats, already seen on the Insignia, will be in place, with the option of leather. 

The latest tech will also feature, including the new IntelliLux Pixel front lighting that uses 168 LED elements, while Vauxhall said its new Astra will get a variety of automated assistance systems.

Vauxhall’s fleet boss James Taylor told Company Car Today earlier this year that he had been given a preview of the new model. “The new Astra looks fantastic. I always think that segment, probably of all the segments, seems the most homogeneous in terms of car design, but Astra, a bit like Mokka, does something a little bit different.

“There are some innovative ideas on the car; I think this is all part now of the benefits of designing cars for Opel/Vauxhall rather than trying to design global cars for markets all around the world,” Taylor continued. “Now we have got a global footprint but we’re Europe-centric, so there’s a freer role for the design team to really harness what they want future Vauxhalls to be. And I have to say they have done an exceptional job. And if you look at fleet now, that’s where our big opportunity is. We’ve got a lot of ground to make back up.” 


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