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First Pictures: New Volkswagen ID.4 electric SUV

Volkswagen has released pictures and details of its second new all-electric model to take the ‘ID” branding – the ID.4 SUV.

VW’s first fully-electric SUV will have an official range of over 320 miles, making it the first non-Tesla EV to break the 300-mile battery range figure. Power comes from a 150kW motor that equates to 204hp, which is enough to propel the ID.4 from 0-62mph in 8.5 seconds and deliver a top speed of 99mph.

At 4580mm, the ID.4 is a mid-sized SUV, slotting in above the Tiguan by 94mm, and the 543-litre luggage area compares with the Tiguan’s 615 litre. VW claimed that the company’s MEB platform designed specifically for electric vehicles “divides the space for occupants and technology in a completely new way in favour of passengers,” leading to claimed interior space “at the level of conventional SUVs from the next category up”. The company also said the 210mm ground clearance and strong grip form the rear-wheel drive layout gives the car good performance in “gentle” off-road terrain.

The headlamps on the entry model are part-LED, rising to LED Matrix lamps on the top model, and the taillamps are full LED on all cars, rising to 3D-LED on the highest trim. Inside, the cabin is almost devoid of switches, with everything running through voice control and the two displays of up to 12 inches. The software and hardware in the ID.4 have been designed to allow customers to download updates post-purchase.

Volkswagen ID.4 2020The ID.4 is the second ID model, following on from the lower medium hatchback ID.3 which has recently arrived in the UK in top-spec launch edition form, with more cost-effective models joining the range towards the end of this year.

“The ID.4 is an emotional all-rounder which will impress many customers with its efficient electric drive, generous amount of space, modern assist systems and powerful design,” said, Volkswagen chief Executive Ralf Brandstatter. “As the first global electric car, this model will roll out our modular electric drive matrix platform that has been developed specifically for electric mobility the world over.”

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