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Fleets of Fancy: Audi SQ2

Why should I want it?

Audi’s smallest SUV gained 300hp petrol SQ2 form last year. It features lowered suspension, specific 18-inch alloys, quad exhaust pipes and upgrades inside and out.


Why can’t I have it?

While it’s clearly very rapid, it doesn’t feel like the out-and-out performance SUV you’d expect, given the power and performance figures. It’s only a 2.0-litre petrol engine, so the fuel economy figures will leave drivers well out of pocket on HMRC’s 14p-per-mile reclaim rate.


Arguments to use on the fleet manager

It’s the only Q2 to get quattro four-wheel drive, as fitted to all performance ‘S’ models, so has extra traction and security. Residual values are comfortably over the 40% marker, the cost isn’t too extreme given that anything other than the Q2’s entry engines and specs cost almost £30,000 and emissions scrape under 160g/km. Just. Plus, it’s cheaper to buy than a 190hp TDI A4 Avant.

Paul Barker


Fleets of Fancy-Audi SQ2-January 2020-Fleety AlternativeMore fleety alternative

A Black Edition model enjoys some of the visual upgrades of the SQ2, although obviously not the quad pipes, and can be had with the sweet little 116hp 1.0 TFSI engine, which cuts emissions to 123g/km and knocks more than £8000 off the list price.



Audi SQ2
Economy:33.2 mpg
Performance:4.8 sec/155 mph