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Fleets of Fancy: Audi SQ7

Why should I want it?

Something of a rarity for our Fleet of Fancy page, this is a diesel that almost hits an official 40mpg and is subtle enough to not look out of place in the executive spaces of a regular company car park. But the SQ7 is not a regular SUV, because it’ll dispatch the 0-62mph dash in less than five seconds and is a little on the rapid side.

Why can’t I have it?

If you really want a Q7, then they start at just over £50,000 for the regular 3.0-litre diesel, and if you really want an expensive Q7, then the 48g/km plug-in hybrid is a more fleet-friendly option for a bit less money than the SQ7.

Arguments to use on the fleet manager

There aren’t many quicker ways to transport seven people, and the SQ7 doesn’t stand out as particularly outlandish, at least not until you take a second look. It’s also not very bonkers to drive, with the huge bulk meaning it doesn’t have the punch of a high-performance car, but buckets of long-range acceleration. It’s also a very big and practical SUV.

A More sensible alternative

Fleet of Fancy - SQ7 - More sensible alternative - Audi Q5 TDI S-LineDrop down to the top-spec Audi Q5 SUV and you still get decent practicality, though only five seats. The 3.0 TDI S-Line produces a still-decent 286bhp, and it’s more than £25,000 cheaper than the SQ7. In addition, the smaller car emits 48g/k less CO2 and will still accelerate from 0-62mph in less than six seconds.







Audi SQ7
Performance:4.9 seconds/155mph