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Fleets of Fancy: BMW 850i Cabrio

Why should I want it?

There aren’t many classier or faster ways to dry your hair without going to the supercar brands. The 530hp V8 provokes a marvellous crackle from the exhausts, and roof-down refinement is impressive. Plus the standard air collar pumps warm air onto front occupants’ necks.


Why can’t I have it?

It feels like a big, heavy car, more of a grand tourer than performance machine despite the very, very rapid powertrain. In fact, the 320hp 840d alternative is a more balanced package. The weird clear plastic gearlever is supposed to have a crystal effect but just looks cheap. The drop-top is also £7000 more expensive than the coupe, while the stylish four-door Gran Coupe is a very tempting £9500 cheaper than the Convertible.


Arguments to use on the fleet manager

Boot space is good for a convertible, and putting the passenger seat forward a bit means three adults can be transported, though sitting behind even a medium-sized the driver isn’t really an option.

Paul Barker


Fleet of Fancy-9th October -BMW 850i Cabrio Fleety alternativeMore fleety alternative

You can have a practical 4-Series drop-top, with its folding metal roof for increased all-weather security, in a spec that emits almost half the CO2 of the 850i, but will still offer sharp handling and driving enjoyment. The 420d M Sport Convertible still costs a fairly chunky £45,210, but emits just 125g/km.




BMW 850i Cabrio
Economy:24.8 mpg
Performance:3.9 sec/155 mph