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Fleets of Fancy: BMW M135i

Why should I want it?

This is the most powerful four-cylinder engine BMW has ever built, and it comes with secure xDrive four-wheel drive in a package that cures most of the practicality issues of previous 1-Series generations without significantly harming the driving experience.


Why can’t I have it?

Although efficiency is good, it’s still a BMW 1-Series that’s at 154g/km and just over 35mpg, and it costs about the same as a very decent level of 3-Series.


Arguments to use on the fleet manager

Running costs beat those of the Audi S3 and Mercedes A35 AMG rivals thanks to lower emission and a better residual value, and the new 1-Series’ increased practicality means more cabin and boot space over its predecessor. In isolation it also looks like it could be
an M Sport trim of a smaller engine, which is either good or bad depending on your viewpoint.


Fleet of fancy-January 2020-BMW M135i-fleety alternativeMore fleety alternative

The regular 1-Series still handles with the sure-footedness that was feared to be under threat in the move from rear- to front-wheel drive, and the 116d M Sport has the looks to go with it for just over £28k. Plus, it has an excellent figure of only 100g/km and is RDE2 compliant.


BMW M135i
Economy:35.8 mpg
Performance:4.8 sec/155 mph