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Fleets of Fancy: BMW M8 Gran Coupe Competition

Why should I want it?

The M8 sits right up in the lofty heights of BMW’s price list, especially if you go for the Ultimate spec which somehow adds another £20,000 over this Competition model. More than 600hp provides all the performance it sounds like it should, making this a beast of a machine.


Why can’t I have it?

Take your pick from any of these sensibilities – the price tag, the emissions figure, the depreciation, the fuel bills from a car that doesn’t need much encouragement to get its fuel economy into the teens at best. But it is fun.


Arguments to use on the fleet manager

It’s a practical four-seater with decent rear space, and is fairly subtle looks-wise, given the performance, ignoring the quad pipes and carbonfibre spoiler. At least until it fires up. It’s also good at pootling, proving comfortable in traffic for a car with such ridiculous performance. On top of all that, the boot is long, if not that wide

Paul Barker


More fleety alternative


Fleets of Fancy- December 2020- More Fleety alternativeFor almost a third of the price, a 420d Gran Coupe M Sport is a degree of a mini-me for the M8 in that it’s a sportier-looking version of the 3-Series saloon. It’s also more than 100g/km better than the M8, and while in a very different league, the 190hp diesel is a peach of an engine.




BMW M8 Gran Coupe Competition
Economy:33.4 mpg
Performance:3.2 seconds/155 mph