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Fleets of Fancy: BMW X3 M Competition

Why should I want it?

It’s a mid-sized SUV with more than 500hp and handling that, once your brain gets over the initial feeling of being too high up to turn in that quickly, is truly logic-defying. This new X3 M Competition is a really impressive and incredibly rapid package. Then there are the two little red buttons on the steering wheel that can be programmed with pre-sets for the myriad steering, throttle and suspension settings, which hints at what sort of car lurks underneath.


Why can’t I have it?

It’s a mid-sized SUV with more than 500hp, which means some pretty impressive cost figures, not least a purchase price that dwarfs that of a 7-Series. Then there’s the 239g/km emissions figure.


Arguments to use on the fleet manager

Considering the performance, it’s fairly subtle to look at, if you gloss over the larger front spoiler and four hefty-looking exhaust pipes.

Paul Barker


More fleety alternativeFleets of Fancy-November 2019- BMW X3 M Competition-More fleety alternative

Knock more than £30,000 from the price tag and you get a 190hp diesel X3 with the M Sport pack that still looks smart. Indeed, a small portion of that saving could be spent on the upgrade from standard 19-inch to £1400 optional 21-inch wheels if the looks are important. Plus the emissions are only 133g/km.


BMW X3 M Competition
Economy:24.8 mpg
Performance:4.1 sec/155 mph