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Fleets of Fancy: BMW X6 M50D

Why should I want it?

The new X6 takes the improvements already seen on the new X5 and wraps them in a sportier four-door coupe-style look. It’s very rapid, very composed, handles with a poise not expected from a car that tips the scales at more than 2.3 tonnes, and sounds more like a raucous petrol than the diesel reality.


Why can’t I have it?

Styling is very subjective, but it’s neither the most elegant nor subtle of designs. Rear headroom is predictably compromised by the sloping roofline and the plastic attempt at crystal gear lever is a combination of cheap and gaudy, especially on a car this expensive.


Arguments to use on the fleet manager

The Venn diagram of cars that will almost hit an official 35mpg and crack the 0-62mph dash in a shade over five seconds, while still carrying four people and their luggage doesn’t catch many cars. And it’s well-kitted.

Paul Barker


More fleety alternative

Fleet of Fancy-March 2020-BMW X6-More fleety alternativeKnock a third off the list price and almost the same percentage off the emissions figures and you can have a mini-me of the X6’s looks – if you like that sort of thing – in the X4, complete with 190hp 2.0-litre diesel engine and the M Sport trim that lifts the looks and cabin.



Economy:34.4 mpg
Performance:5.2 sec/155 mph