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Fleets of Fancy: Ford Puma ST

Why should I want it?

The Puma ST is at the very top of its class where fun factor is concerned. Ford has brought all the driver involvement it’s renowned for in its hot-hatches to the small crossover Puma. That means first-rate steering feedback, an engine that sounds great and provides just enough power to make the Puma feel fast in everyday road use and suspension that minimises body roll without compromising comfort.

Why can’t I have it?

Hot hatches aren’t typical fleet fodder, and a CO2 figure of 155g/km is probably above most company car policy limits. There’s also insurance costs which are higher for performance vehicles.


Arguments to use on the fleet manager

As quick-and-fun cars go, the Puma is still pretty efficient, with an official fuel economy figure of 47.1mpg (we saw 40mpg over our 500-mile test), plus the ST version is as practical as every other Puma, including the well-designed and large boot.

Tristan Young


More fleety alternative


Fleet of Fancy - July 2021 - More Fleety AlternativeAll current Fords drive well. Providing about 80% of the fun factor of the full-fat ST version is the 125hp 1.0-litre version, such as the one Company Car Today ran on long term test. In ST-Line trim it looks almost identical to the 200hp ST version too, but costs significantly less at £22,740 and has much better CO2 figures at 127g/km.



Ford Puma ST
Performance:6.7 seconds/ 137mph