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Fleets of Fancy: Ford Ranger Raptor

Why should I want it?

The slowest car to appear on this Fleet of Fancy page is also one of the most outlandish and in many ways desirable. The Raptor is the extreme incarnation of the Ranger pick-up, developed by the manufacturer’s Ford Performance arm and featuring upgraded chassis plus bespoke suspension and tyres as well as a host of other improvements. It’s a vehicle “optimised for high-speed off-road driving and go-anywhere capability”.


Why can’t I have it?

All the upgrades mean the Raptor has a payload of just 620kg, well short of the 1000kg needed to qualify for pick-up taxation, so it’ll be taxed like a company car, ditto VED. And CO2 is at supercar levels. It could also do with more power to match the chassis improvement.


Arguments to use on the fleet manager

It’s a workhorse. Just a really expensive one. That clever suspension means the Raptor doesn’t ride like a pick-up, floating over speedbumps with none of the normal bounce and lurch of a normal truck.

Paul Barker


More fleety alternative

Fleets of Fancy-March 2020-Ford Ranger Raptor-Fleety AlternativeThe Ranger Wildtrak gets the same 213hp diesel and 10-speed automatic gearbox, but its 1024kg payload makes a world of difference in terms of taxation. Plus it’s more than £10,000 cheaper before tax, and used to be one of the coolest-looking trucks. Until the Raptor came along at least.



Ford Ranger Raptor
Economy:31.7 mpg
Performance:10.5 sec/106 mph
Price:£49,325 (inc VAT)