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Fleets of Fancy: Honda Civic Type R

Why should I want it?

Honda has something of a hot hatch and performance car pedigree, and the new Civic Type R offers more extreme looks than any that has come before. Every angle offers another wing, spoiler or piece of aerodynamic tweakery, and, knowing Honda, they all do something. That rear wing is so large, for example, that it doesn’t block rear visibility because it’s higher than the window. To drive, the Type R mixes racing car lunacy with almost complete civility.

Why can’t I have it?

It’s about as subtle as Katie Price, if considerably classier and more sophisticated, and 176g/km of CO2 emissions is a bit steep. Even if it is for something quite so rapid.

Arguments to use on the fleet manager

The Civic is big for its sector, so there are plenty of rear seat and boot space. Which means it’s a practical five-door hatch – if you ignore the extreme styling. A residual value of 38.2% and a reasonable price for the sort of performance on offer also work in its favour, and it is surprisingly adept at longer runs without the kind or bone-rattling ride that afflicted some previous Type Rs.

A More sensible alternative


Honda Civic Type R - Fleet of Fancy - More Sensible Alternative - Seat Leon FR - Issue 19 - 13th December 2017

Seat’s Leon FR is a 184hp sub-120g/km diesel that combines practicality and good running costs with a stylish and sporty design, and a brand with a fairly youthful and positive reputation. Plus, the FR can be had in ST estate form for added practicality.




Honda Civic Type R
Performance:5.8 seconds/169mph