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Fleets of Fancy: Hyundai i20 N

Why should I want it?

Small hot hatches are few and far between these days, with only the Ford Fiesta ST, Mini Cooper S and VW Polo GTi left to rival the new Hyundai i20 N. Having wowed with the i30 N, the brand has dropped down a size with a hot hatch that’s agile and pointy, and once wound up, really flies thanks to more than 200hp in a sub-1200kg package. Plus it really looks the part with the body kit and interior enhancements, and sounds good too.

Why can’t I have it?

More than £24,000 for a Hyundai supermini isn’t the easiest of deals to push through, even if it is a hoot to drive and has a raft of driver settings. It’s also 13g/km and 3.7mpg less efficient than the very good Fiesta ST. And the ride is certainly on the harder side.

Arguments to use on the fleet manager

Residuals of nearly 42% are rather decent, and Hyundai’s reputation and product line-up are growing month-on-month in equal measure.

Paul Barker


More fleety alternative



Fleet of Fancy - November 2021 - More Fleety alternativeIt’s only priced a couple of thousand pounds cheaper, but the 120hp 1.0-litre i20 N Line is seven BiK bands lower and still has a little of the enhanced looks, if much less overt. But it’s also 84hp lighter on power.





Hyundai i20 N
Performance:6.2seconds/ 142ph