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Fleets of Fancy: Lexus LC500

Why should I want it?

The LC500 is a stunning, sleek and striking four-seat coupe with a 5.0-litre V8 engine that offers as much acceleration as it does lovely noise. The LC500 also handles corners as well as it does straight bits, with plenty of grip and composure, but it’s still comfortable for the times you don’t feel like being silly.

Why can’t I have it?

The emissions figures are eye-watering no matter what the car, with the combined fuel figure not even breaking 25mpg. The boot is also tiny, the back seats aren’t great for anyone with legs and the infotainment system has the typical Lexus foibles in terms of usability compared with the best systems from German brands.

Arguments to use on the fleet manager

You could point out the £4,000 saving over the hybrid version that is 112hp down on power compared to this lovely noisy V8 version, though the six-cylinder petrol-hybrid does have an emission figure of just 148g/km. But it seems a shame to miss out on this lovely V8 powertrain if you’re going for a car like this.

A More sensible alternative


Fleet of Fancy - Lexus LC500 2018 - More sensible Alternative - Toyota GT86In some ways the little brother to the LC, the Toyota GT86 costs comfortably less than £30,000 and handles very sweetly. However, you won’t find emissions below 164g/km so it’s still one for the low-mileage perk driver. Boot space of 237 litres is rather pokey, but is at least 40 litres up on what the Lexus offers.





Lexus LC500
Performance:4.4 seconds/168mph