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Fleets of Fancy: Maserati Levante S Granlusso

Why should I want it?

The Levante S is the quickest version of Maserati’s medium-sized SUV, with its 430hp sitting above the 275hp diesel and 350hp petrol versions. It possesses decent poise given the weight and height, helped by suspension that lowers automatically when you flick into Sport mode. And it makes a noise that is more sports car than SUV. The interior quality is pleasant, and a big step ahead of more long-standing cars in the brand’s range.


Why can’t I have it?

There’s no getting away from the frankly horrible efficiency, although getting the Levante S to 62mph in just over five seconds can’t really be done without a potent powertrain. The infotainment system is also a bit behind the best that most rivals can offer.


Arguments to use on the fleet manager

The classy-looking Levante is certainly a more individual choice than a Range Rover Sport or German premium brand, and is a distinctly Italian take on the sports SUV. Residuals are also well over 40%.

Paul Barker


More fleety alternativeFleet of Fancy-August 2019-Maserati Levante S Granlusso-Fleety alternative

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio has many of the Levante’s qualities, especially in the styling department, but the 210hp diesel Milano edition is £35,000 less than its more illustrious sibling within the Fiat group. It also emits less than 150g/km of emissions, while still being well-kitted out and offering a 6.6-second 0-62mph acceleration time.


Maserati Levante S Granlusso
Performance:5.2 sec/164 mph