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Fleets of Fancy: Mercedes-AMG GLC63 S

Why should I want it?

The Mercedes-AMG GLC63 S 4Matic+ Premium Plus will accelerate from 0-62mph faster than the time it takes to say its full name. It’s an absolute monster with a soundtrack to match, and beefy looks to illustrate that this is a serious performance SUV.


Why can’t I have it?

The two-tone black/red pepper leather on our test car was a bit much, and the ride quality reminds a little of an aftermarket-modified car that’s been lowered without thought to the impact on the comfort. Possibly not helped by the 20-inch wheels. And let’s not get started on the official 21.6mpg and emissions that will open up a private hole in the ozone layer. The infotainment is also dated compared to Merc’s newer system.


Arguments to use on the fleet manager

Ride quality (and noise) apart, it’s really quite civilised, and it’s a big and practical SUV with plenty of space for people and luggage. Just don’t think about the fueling cost. Or the pre-option price of nearly £90k.

Paul Barker


More fleety alternative

Fleets Of Fancy-April 2020-Mercedes-AMG GLC63 S-Fleety AlternativeA plug-in hybrid GLC is coming this summer. While it will cost from just less than £50,000, the CO2 emissions figure sits at getting on for a quarter of the GLC AMG’s, at 54g/km. The official electric range figure is 29 miles from the 122hp 13.5kWh battery, which combines with a 155hp petrol engine to give decent performance.



Mercedes-AMG GLC63 S 4Matic+ Premium Plus