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Fleets of Fancy: Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

Why should I want it?

There aren’t many cars capable of moving four people quite so rapidly. The AMG GT four-door is a stand-alone grand tourer rather than a quick version of a regular Mercedes, which gives it extra prestige. And a huge price tag, plus frankly astonishing performance in a car that can carry four and their luggage for a weekend away.


Why can’t I have it?

As well as the hefty price, it’s not tricky to add a load more in options, as our £152k test car proved, and the ride and refinement are more hardcore than might be expected. It’s weighted towards a more compromised sports car, with firm ride and more road noise than a buyer with such a big bank balance might want.


Arguments to use on the fleet manager

There is genuinely space for four adults, and the 461-litre boot makes for good practicality compared with pretty much anything else that can hit 60mph in 3.2 seconds.


More fleety alternativeFleets of Fancy-February 2020-Mercedes AMG-GT-Fleet Alternative

There’s an AMG-badged performance version of every Mercedes, and the baby version of the AMG GT four-door is the new CLA. In CLA 35 AMG form, it can be had for a third of the price, and emissions are almost 100g/km lower, but it still offers sub-5.0sec acceleration.



Mercedes-Benz AMG-GT
Economy:22.1 mpg
Performance:3.2 sec/196 mph