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Fleets of Fancy: Porsche Macan S

Why should I want it?

Costing less than £2500 over the ‘entry’ 245hp Macan, the S is Porsche’s take on the mid-sized sporting SUV. It works, because the company has transferred its sports car knowhow on to the higher-riding stage with ease. The Macan S is rapid, handles with a poise and entertainment that an SUV really shouldn’t be capable of and costs less than £50,000.


Why can’t I have it?

The 25.7mpg figure isn’t what you’d call ideal. The button-tastic central console is starting to look a little behind the times, and it’s also a shame that Porsche has dumped diesel power and doesn’t offer a Macan plug-in hybrid yet, because even the regular Macan is up at 185g/km and only 28.2mpg.


Arguments to use on
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The residual value is 56.1% and the Macan S combines a 500-litre boot and all-wheel drive ability with potent performance and top-level handling. And also comes in more subtle colours than our test car’s Mamba Green.

Paul Barker

Fleets of fancy-July 2019-Porsche Macan S-Fleety AlternativeMore fleety alternative

It’s significantly smaller, but a way to get emissions of less than 160g/km but still have a performance petrol SUV from within the Volkswagen-owned group of companies is the Audi SQ2. It still offers a sub-five second 0-62mph time, and economy at least starts with a three. Better still, it’s £15,000 cheaper than the Macan S.



Porsche Macan S
Performance:4.3 sec/157mph