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Why should I want it?

Porsche has entered the electric vehicle fray with a model that it’s keen to ensure feels like a Porsche first, and an EV second. And it’s succeeded. Even in middle ‘Turbo’ spec it’s swear-out-loud fast, and it handles like a car that weighs half the Taycan Turbo’s 2.3 tonnes. Then there’s the Turbo S with another 81hp.


Why can’t I have it?

It’s well over £100,000. The boot opening is narrow, which hinders practicality, and there’s minimal regeneration when you lift, because Porsche wanted to maintain its driving reputation rather than the Taycan ceding to being foremost an EV. The cabin, while nice, also doesn’t feel £115k plush. And as is typical for Porsche, it’s easy to add the value of a small car in options.


Arguments to use on the fleet manager

A monthly 2021/22 BiK bill of less than £39 for a 40% taxpayer is borderline hilarious, and is almost £1000 per month cheaper than even an entry 911. Though be aware that it would double to a heady £77 a month for the 2022/23 tax year. There’s also space for four, although rear space is at something of a premium.

Tristan Young


More fleety alternative


Fleet of Fancy- March 2021- More Fleety AlternativeFor a touch less than the same price as the £83,580 Taycan 4S, you can get a proper four-door saloon Tesla Model S. It’s nothing like as sporty as the Taycan, but is more practical with space for four adults and much more boot space. It’s also very rapid in a straight line.




Porsche Taycan Turbo
Economy:Range: 272 miles
Performance:3.2 seconds/161 mph