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Fleets of Fancy: Rolls Royce Phantom

Why should I want it?

The Phantom is one of the most imposing, iconic and luxurious cars in the world. The view down the long, long bonnet and the light steering, combined with the huge bulk that feels every gramme of its 2.5 tonnes, gives a feel like driving no other car could.

Why can’t I have it?

You can have a car park full of Ford Focuses for the £363,000 asking price of this, the faster of the two 5.8-litre V12-powered Phantoms. Emissions of 318g/km are what you might call hefty, and to put it in focus, even the filthiest Range Rover doesn’t quite break 300g/km. It’s also absolutely massive, so isn’t exactly practical for the Costa drive-through.

Arguments to use on the fleet manager

There is always the ‘cheaper’ version, boasting just 453bhp and costing only £321,240, so a real budget alternative. And the Rolls will certainly ensure employees arrive at important meetings as fresh as they could be, as long as they’re in the sumptuous rear, rather than sitting up front and having to pilot the leviathan through traffic.

A More sensible alternative



Fleet of Fancy - Rolls-Royce Phantom VII - More Sensible Alternative - BMW 530dFor around an eighth of the Rolls’s price you can have Company Car Today’s 2018 CCT100 Car of the Year, the new BMW 5-Series, in appealing 530d form. It’s only 0.4sec slower to 60mph, emits as third as much CO2 on official figures and is a fantastic all-rounder.




Rolls Royce Phantom
Performance:5.3 seconds/155mph