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Fleets of Fancy: Toyota Land Cruiser

Why should I want it?

It’s big and tough and really will go anywhere and, soon, cars like this won’t exist anymore. For a small section of the population, having a proper off-roader that can carry seven, or five plus a huge amount of luggage, really is a necessity. As well as being legendary when it comes leaving the Tarmac behind, and doing so with 100% reliability, the Toyota Land Cruiser is also an amazingly relaxed, comfortable and easy car to drive on-road, too.

Why can’t I have it?

The CO2 figure is off-putting at 267g/km, and economy of 29.4mpg isn’t great, although during our week with the car we found this is a remarkably accurate figure.

Arguments to use on the fleet manager

Against the nearest rival, the Land Rover Discovery, the Land Cruiser is astonishingly good value, coming fully equipped for less than £60,000. Residual values are as strong as the build quality so depreciation costs are tiny. Which is the opposite of the space inside which is huge. If you can only have one car to do it all, this is it.

Tristan Young


More fleety alternative


Fleet of Fancy - October 2021 - More Fleety alternativeIf you don’t need quite as much go-anywhere ability then the new Toyota Highlander is a good alternative, plus it’s available as a petrol hybrid.



Toyota Land Cruiser
Performance:9.9seconds/ 108ph